Future Classic: Karizma “Collection 1999 – 2011″ – Article on MIMS

April 6, 2012

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Karizma seems to be perpetually busy, putting out both beats and mixes on his Soundcloud accounts (for those who didn’t know, his alter-ego is Kaytronik). Unlike a lot of musicians out there today, showcasing a steady accumulation of work doesn’t make for a diluted collection. That is one of the reasons why I highly recommend “following” this man.

Not too long ago he announced the release of Collection 1999-2011 a limited run of 500 3xLPs spanning 12 years of “Karizma’s most sought after tracks, brand new unreleased music, 6 bonus hidden hip-hop beats” and every single album sleeve is uniquely hand sprayed by the artist himself (see video)! The copies with his tag look so badass!

Set for April 16th on R2 Records this collector’s item will never be repressed, so here’s to hoping that a few MIMS and/or Doc’trin fans get their hands on it (as long as there’s one for me too). I would totally buy this just for the jazzy piano house track “The Power” alone, but you can listen to the entire track list on the site.

On another personal note, Karizma is by far the best house DJ I’ve ever seen. His selection is unmatched, beatmatching super tight and the things he does with that mixer is almost perverted! Last summer, I came home from the city (a thirty minute drive) to spend an early night in, only to find a Facebook post that read “Karizma is really killing it now”. It had totally slipped my mind! I raced back down at illegal speeds to catch a set so spectacular I vowed to pay for a few friends tickets next time around, just so they can witness the beauty.

If you decide to treat yourself, treat yourself well: subscribe to his Soundclouds, buy this release and check out his next show. You won’t regret it.


Karizma on Soulspinnas Blog

January 25, 2011

A blog by Soulspinnas.

We’ve been playing music in and around our hometown (Ostend, Belgium) for a while now and have played with some big names of the house music scene. But we would like to expand our interests and share it with as many people as possible. So through this blog we’ll keep you posted on things we like, particularly music but also a lot of other stuff. No boundaries. So sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!

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Media gets EXCITED about Pioneer DJ Presents Karizma Tour ’10!!

Clubberia Article Here (Japanese Only)


I believe this is your sixth Japan tour and when we see the schedule, the most of the cities keep bringing you back every year. Do you think you made the strong connection to the dance floors there? Are you also connected strongly with the people at each city?

K: I think definately have a spiritual connection with all of my friends in japan,musically and otherwise.

After your second album release, you have been active DJing, doing singles and remixes for other producers. Can you tell me the highlight of what you have done since the last year?

K: The highlight has been establishing connections and friends in the music industry, so that at a later date I can begin collaborations with the artists for an upcoming album.

This tour I believe special not only for your Japanese fans but also for yourself. Pioneer, who makes your favorite gadgets finally decided to team up with you. How did receive that news and how do you make this tour special with pioneer’s new DJM-2000 and CDJ-2000? (tell us your favorite feature)

K: I received the news from my tour manager Yoshi, I was well excited and began to think of new ways to manipulate the CDJ-2000’s in a way people haven’t seen yet. My favorite feature is the ability to play from one USB key using DJ Link to control up to four cdjs, On the DJM I love the touch screen remix set up and the Effect called Slip roll.

As the new gear you are touching, the technology keeps evolving but I think the essentiality of DJ is ideas and love for the music. How do you balance those two concepts?

K: I feel as long as I can still tell a story musically without interuptions, the ideas and creativity are endless, there are so many ways you can be creative with this technology.

I heard you are quite big fan of Japanese ramen. Can you tell me your favorite spots in Japan? (does not have to be only ramen shop)

K: I like to shop in Harajuku, there are too many places to name but those are the area i favor the most because you can find everything.One more place i love is Onsen, the hot springs are just what i need after a busy tour like this one.

Lastly, please tell us your motivation towards this tour and  comment for the Japanese fans who are waiting to see you on the dance floor..

K: Im happy to be supported by Pioneer, it allows me to be able to give my friends and fans another level of music and entertainment, I want to make my Japanesse friends and fans proud and at the same time give them some good music to dance to and think about.

Fact magazine interview :: Karizma: necessary madness

July 7, 2010

Baltimore’s Karizma refuses to be tied down – musically or geographically.

As an indefatigable, globe-trotting DJ, he spends half of each year on the road, playing for crowds in Detroit, all over Europe, and even Japan. When back home in Baltimore, he produces a mélange of beat-driven electronic music, from New York-style house to broken soul and hip-hop. Recently he’s become the toast of the new UK house scene, with the likes of Roska, Night Slugs, Glasgow’s Numbers crew and Hessle Audio’s Ben UFO finding themselves naturally drawn to his tracks’ mix of textural sophistication and skippy, gutter-friendly funk.

Ever since 1995′s ‘Feel The Power’ 12″, Karizma – real name Kris Klayton – has carved out a hugely successful career, making music that is hooky and immediate enough to appeal to a commercial audience without compromising its underground attitude. Over the years he has released records on labels as diverse as NRK, Defected, Ricanstruction and his own Kohesive Recordings, recently finding a home with R2 Records (Floating Points, Osunlade, Alton Miller, etc). It was through this imprint that he released the 2007 LP A Mind Of Its Own and its 2009 “Upgrade”, as well as irresistible singles like ‘Neccessarry Maddness’ and (B-side to Simbad’s remix of ‘It’s What I Am’) ‘Groove A ‘K’ Ordingly’ – the latter, for our money, being one of the greatest house tracks of the last ten years.

As he prepares to headline Numbers’ 7th birthday bash at Fabric this Friday, 9 July –  supported, appropriately enough, by Hard House Banton, Roska, Bok Bok b2b L-vis 1990, Ben UFO b2b Ramadanman and the Numbers residents – FACT’s Patrick Burns called up Karizma to find out what’s what.

MORE HERE: Link: http://www.factmag.com/2010/07/08/karizma-necessary-madness/

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