Review of “Work It Out” on Thump Exclusive Stream

January 29, 2017
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Karizma’s New Gospel House Anthem “Work It Out” Is Here to Save Us All

January 27, 2017

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Hailing from Baltimore, Maryland, Karizma’s talents run ever deeper than the tantalizing house he’s been releasing for decades everywhere from Ninja Tune to Ministry of Sound. Beyond just being a more than capable producer, have you ever seen this guy on a pair of CDJs? As profiled in Resident Advisor’s Art of DJing installment—not to mention this ridiculous video of him performing at Defected Croatia—Karizma is far and away one of the most technically gifted DJs to ever do it. While some artists merely go through the motions, Karizma plays decks like musical instruments—cue buttons become drums, faders the strings to his guitar. That’s not to say that his productions aren’t equally multifaceted and full of life. Case in point: his new gospel house anthem “Work It Out,” which will appear on a split 12″ for Lumberjacks in Hell alongside the label founder Marcel Vogel. Over email, he explained that the track serves as an ode to “my childhood and my faith”—its vintage sermon sample demonstrates the potential for ecstatic release that house music can offer. Enjoy below and head to Juno for the pre-order.

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