Pioneer DJ presents KARIZMA JAPAN TOUR ’10

September 6, 2010

“As an artist, I never wanted to be boxed in, and just make house, or just make hip-hop. So I always told myself that as soon as I blossomed into my own thing that I would never just stay to one type of music. I just wanted to do whatever I was feeling at the time. So it’s not a surprise to hear a hip-hop track from me. I always wanted it that way. Artists and DJs shouldn’t be limited to just the genre that they play.”

Such opinions come from the one and only, Karizma, who craftly uses 3 CDJs and others mixing garage classic house, techy jazz house, broken beats, hip hope etc. (boarderless of music) making live beats on the spot as if using music instruments; his such highly influential DJ-ing style has touched many of listeners worldwide, and now as known as a CDJ master honored by the dons of underground music scene, Karizma is finally doing a Pioneer DJ Presents Karizma Japan Tour this fall.

The highlight of this tour must be to witness Karizma share marvelous DJ techniques mastering special features of the Pioneer products, CDJ 2000 and DJM 2000.

The tour kicks in from Thursday, September 16th having Karizma join Dommune, a live streaming site and studio with several cameras capturing the equipment, hands, faces, and ambiance; the mixed result with an impressive set of filters, making for an experience that always feels like it should be released on DVD as is, for a DJ mix show, and will appear in several favorite spots for the fans in Japan during 12 days of this tour.

The man that continues to excel to another level, Karizma. We can expect to see him prove himself as a veteran DJ/CDJ Master, and this tour will definitely be another history for our music culture and industry. Don’t miss it!

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