MUAK MUSIC: We Catch Up With Karizma

May 17, 2011
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Q > With Spen and yourself headlining, the warehouse party is looking red hot. How did the two of you meet to start working in the, ‘The Basement Boys’, and then collaborating further?

A > Spen and I always knew of each other in the scene, it was his ex-wife Kathy that put us together. I asked Spen if I could do some drums on his Jasper St. project and he let get down on a couple of the cuts and I submitted a track (E.B.W.T.R.T.W)that appeared on the album,some time passed and he was working on Mary J Blige “Beautiful” remix and asked me to help out,it was after this that I joined the Basement boys production team.

Q > It must have been good times being involved in such a musical collective as the Basement Boys?

A > Yes it taught me a lot and im really grateful for it.

Q > Who came up with the quite inspired ‘Mudfoot Jones’ concept?

A > I think Teddy and Jay did I wasn’t with basement boys when that project was in motion.

Q > How was it growing up in Baltimore and how is the scene their now?

A > Baltimore is acity I will always love and dislike at the same time, simply because it’s a very complacent city,I’ve always been about change or something different and it took a while before I could actually get my hometown into hearing something a bit different but I gotta say it was worth it because now they look for that new or different thing from me and now others.

Q > Who would you cite as having the biggest influence on your career?

A> No one in particular, I think just like all dj’s I looked up to the guys who were making it happen on the dj scene and productionwise…tooo many to

Q > Do you miss doing your radio show?

A > Yes I do but im currently working on my podcasts which will reflect my musical tastes and influences,not just a mixshow.

Q > You have a huge passion for a wide variety of music, what artists are kicking it away from house music?

A > I like the stuff Cooly G is doing,Waajeed is always a favorite for me and I like some of the Flying lotus stuff as well.

Q > Your remix discography speaks for itself, who were you most excited to get to re rub?

A > When it comes to Rerubs I basically edit songs I love, not because they were hits but because they hit a special place in my heart, so I guess the aswer is all of the people I have rerubed I was excited about.

Q > If you were not an artist what do you think you would be doing or is this incomprehensible?

A > Probably being a chef at some expensive resteraunt lol, I cooked for 15 years before goin into music full time…I can still burn lol

Q > what are you thankful for everyday??

A > My ears,being able to wake up with my health intact,Family,Friends and a feeling of that I actually matter to someone or to put it bluntly that I exist.

Q > How’s things looking with Kohesive Productions?

A > Things are looking great I have a “Best of Karizma “ collection coming soon on R2 Records,the special part about this is that each of the 500 album covers will be hand painted so that no one cover is the same, I felt that I wanted to give something to my fans or Fam for the support and love they have given me over the years,one could say “Karizma did this for me and this is the only one like it.”

Q > What’s your releasing output looking like over the coming months?

A > I have Richy Pitch “Dey Suffer” Remixes on BBE Records,Amanda Diva “Devils” Remixes on Spinna’s Wonderwax Label,Joash “Salome” remix on Compost,EOL feat Lisa Fischer a remix I did with Dj Spen on Vega records and some other remixes in the pipeline,Im also working on projects with Atjazz under the group name Exist which are coming soon with an album in the works.

Q > What can we expect from your set at Muak?

A > I plan to have goodtime with my partner Spen, it should be off the hook!!!

Q > Finally, what the one record that you have always wanted to play out but never had the chance to?

A > Probably the record with me singing on it lol

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