Karizma- Tech This Out Pt1 (Record Store Day 2018)

May 6, 2018
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Title: “Gifted People” K2 Re-Edit
Label: Atjazz Record Company ‎
Release: 2018/4/21

Back to 2006: Chris Clayton’s mid-noughties lesson in deep house class still hits home with precision. Subtle, jazzy but heavy and insistent, it now comes complete with fresh updates from Atjazz and Yoruba Soul. The former adds more atmospheric layers and percussion that compounds the sense of hypnosis while the latter takes us right back to the NYC 1990 with a lavish 10+ min, subtly dubbed excursion. Tech no imitations.

BUY: https://www.juno.co.uk/products/karizma-tech-this-out-pt-1-record/682634-01/