Karizma “Hear And Now” feat. Osunlade 12″ sampler

November 9, 2014

Artist: Karizma
Title: “Hear And Now” feat. Osunlade
Label: R2 Records
Formats: 12” (Ltd Clear Vinyl 500) /Digital
12” Release Date: 27th January 2014
Pre-Order at deejay.de
Digital Release Date: 17th February 2014 (for 1 month only)

Available until 16 March 2014! Get your copy TODAY!

Side A:
1. “Hear And Now” feat. Osunlade (Osunlade Official Edit)
2. “One Note Jam” (Yoruba Soul Remix Redux)

Side B:
1. “Nuffin Else”

One of the stand out tracks from Karizma’s “Wall Of Sound” album, “Hear And Now” features the inimitable vocals of the mighty Osunlade over a sweet Karizma groove; future sounding, yet reminiscent of days gone by. For this very special 12” release Osunlade has created his own edit of the track, taking the parts and extending the arrangement for his own “Disco Mix”.

Continuing the Yoruba connection, Osunlade has also blessed us with a full on Yoruba Soul Remix of “One Note Jam” taking this club banger to explosive new territory as only he knows how.

Finally, “Nuffin Else” gets its first appearance on vinyl after becoming many people’s favourite off the album to complete this essential package.

Limited Edition Clear Vinyl (500) / Digital available for limited period.