DJ Spen & Karizma Mix “YES” in album Transition by DJ Spen on Quantize Recordings

January 16, 2015

As anyone can tell you, few artists can be called by one name. It is just a name, but when a man puts his life work in making that name synonymous with creativity, flair, and style. His name is DJ Spen. You might know him around the world as Spen and the DJ sir name is just one form of all the talent he is world renowned and noted for. You are about to venture in one of his first releases that gives him the platform of the man behind the music. Each song has his stamp and style that many know and love. He has a level of dance and rhythm that few can follow, but many immerse themselves in. If he were to do all the depth of music he does, the album would be endless and varied on many levels of music. This LP is a cornucopia of sound and diverse rhythms that only skim the surface of his creativity and pursuit. An expression A culmination of work A movement in rhythm A Transition.

Track Listings
1. I Feel (Sahib Muhammad Original Mix)
2. Stone Fox Chase
3. Thanks to You (with Tracy Hamlin)
4. Nobody
5. Searchin (DJ Spen Mix)
6. Stranger
7. Because I Love You (featuring Typheni)
8. Thru the Fire (Daniel 3:1-30)
9. The Definition of Transition
10. Transition
11. I Know (featuring Natasha Watts)
12. Yes (Spen & Karizma Mix)
13. Don’t Be Afraid (featuring Gary Hudgins)
14. He’s a Friend (Jose Burgos featuring Kenny Bobien)
15. It’s About That Time (featuring LeRoyal)

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