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August 8, 2013


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Wall of Sound tracklist:

CD 1:
01. Krystofer
02. Mama
03. Just A Thing
04. Rimaniss
05. Deeper Than You Know
06. Kan Rock Feat. Krystofer
07. Hear And Now Feat. Osunlade
08. Ya Dig
09. Nuffin Else
10. Reflektives
11. W.O.Slude
12. Kellah
13. Within Me
14. Naycha
15. 2wice
16. Melodies Of Life
17. Knext
18. The Tinkler

01. The Gates
02. Still Tha Same Thing
03. Off The Wall Feat. Rokaz
04. Rude Boy Rub
05. One Note Jam
06. My Destiny
07. Grabbb Somebody Beats
08. Tool Up
09. Systeme’
10. Sense Of It All
11. Pianolude
12. A Set Purpose Feat. Sean Mccabe
13. So.Mthin

Digital Bonus Tracks:
01. Ooh Pt.2
02. The Red Sunrise
03. Miss You
04. W
05. How
06. Up To You

Previews from the Karizma album “Wall of Sound” Coming In September !

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/99344435″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Since his last studio album in 2009 Baltimore native DJ Karizma has been constantly touring the globe bringing his inimitable DJ sets to the people of Earth. Having finally got the urge to go back into the studio sometime last year, Karizma locked himself away for six weeks as he got into his most creatively prolific spell for years. R2 Records are proud to announce the result of this endeavour – “Wall Of Sound”.

Having submitted 43 tracks for this album, (we couldn’t get him to stop making new tracks!) we finally honed, pruned and arranged the material into 3 varying formats: Double CD, Double Vinyl and Bonus Digital Album.

Karizma has once again pushed himself beyond the limits of his previous work, evolving his trademark club bangers and down-tempo beats as well as adding a variety of new and sometimes impossible to categorise music to his armoury, emotional content being the unifying factor.

Karizma has also called on some of dance music heavyweights to collaborate on the album including the mighty Osunlade (Yoruba Records), Rokaz (Neil Pierce & Ziggy Funk), and rising UK talent Sean McCabe.

Here’s a little taster selection…

1. Mama
2. Rimaniss
3. Just A Thing
4. Deeper Than You Know
5. Hear & Now feat. Osunlade
6. Ya Dig
7. Kellah
8. Naycha
9. A Set Purpose

Album released on 2 x CD & 2 x LP on 2nd September 2013.