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Seven Davis Jr recruits two close friends and kindred spirits to rework cuts from his debut album Universes: house music titans Karizma (aka Kaytronik) and Osunlade (aka Yoruba Soul). Basement Boy Karizma takes on “Sunday Morning” delivering a high octane “Ruff Kut” dub and a choppier Baltimore Club tinged “Love Break” dub. On the flip, Osunlade gives “Welcome Back” his trademark exquisite touch. Two dons at the top of their game!

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Karizma in the New Yorker!

Karizma featured in the New Yorker magazine in the Night Life section of the OCTOBER 12, 2015 ISSUE! "When Kris Klayton was growing up, in the nineteen-eighties, the radio stations offered him the usual enticements: pop music, state-of-the-art R. & B., insurgent hip-hop.…"

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Karizma presents Beats & Bobs Record Store Day Edition 10″

Karizma’s “Beats & Bobs” series of raw beats and basement edits continues with a vinyl only edition for Record Store Day 2015.

First up Karizma reworks “Nuffin Else” into a soulful, melodic and heartfelt House cut, transporting you to a beautifully emotive place and time. Just kick back and let the feeling cloak you in the glow.

On the flip Karizma gets back to the dirt, running a rude boy groove that builds and recedes, teasing the dance floor into delirium. Straight heat!

These tracks will only be available on this 10”. Limited to 500.



Melodic and heartfelt, with lush pianos and life-affirming male vocals ‘Nuffin Else’ is set to be a soulful house classic. Read mix mag’s excellent review here.

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Karizma presents Beats & Bobs Vol​.​FR33

The third installment of Karizma’s “Beats & Bobs” series of raw beats and basement edits continues with a special free edition!!!

Beats & Bobs Vol. FR33 is a gift to his fans and supporters on his birthday and contains 3 more heavy hitters to keep any dance floor shaking.


“Kno Honey” is a straight up pulsating electronic exploration of nasty groove weaving layers of sonics through the clicks, booms and snaps of a signature Karizma beat.

“La La Break” takes a familiar melodious vocal refrain and laces it with a teasing rugged percussive thump – the sweet and the heat in perfect balance.

Finally, “The Jerk” sees Karizma return to soulful jazzy club stomper territory with this devastating Hammond work-out over the customary irresistible Karizma house groove.

Released 28 March 2015

Produced by Karizma

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Karizma was #onFIYAH – Japan Tour 2015 @Origami in Tokyo

Karizma was #onFIYAH during his debut at our new club called Origami in Tokyo last Nov. The club has arranged this special DJ booth on the dance floor (normally on the second floor) respecting Karizma’s dj style: playing for the people, and communicating thru series of stories in his musical journey exchanging energy with the dancers on the dance floor, creating enormous energy altogether leaving such strong impressions (#zonedout) and memories in those that experienced it with him.

After his set, even the general manager complimented, “I really like your style. You totally owned that dance floor from the beginning to the end. You were with everyone throughout the whole time. Big and much respect to you!” We look forward to having Karizma play at Origami in their new location as Kaytronik #YearofKaytronik.

In the meantime, you can experience it with him again from these series of footage documented during this great opportunity:

Karizma Japan Tour 2014 @ Origami Part 1 from Kohesive Productions on Vimeo.

Karizma Japan Tour 2014 @Origami Part 2 from Kohesive Productions on Vimeo.

Karizma Japan Tour 2014 @Origami Part 3 from Kohesive Productions on Vimeo.

Photo Credit Niiyan!
Big thanks and respect to Karizma’s Japan booking manager, all the supportive crew at Origami, and Karizma’s Japan fam #WelcomeBackYOSHI!!!!

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DJ Spen & Karizma Mix “YES” in album Transition by DJ Spen on Quantize Recordings

As anyone can tell you, few artists can be called by one name. It is just a name, but when a man puts his life work in making that name synonymous with creativity, flair, and style. His name is DJ Spen. You might know him around the world as Spen and the DJ sir name is just one form of all the talent he is world renowned and noted for. You are about to venture in one of his first releases that gives him the platform of the man behind the music. Each song has his stamp and style that many know and love. He has a level of dance and rhythm that few can follow, but many immerse themselves in. If he were to do all the depth of music he does, the album would be endless and varied on many levels of music. This LP is a cornucopia of sound and diverse rhythms that only skim the surface of his creativity and pursuit. An expression A culmination of work A movement in rhythm A Transition.

Track Listings
1. I Feel (Sahib Muhammad Original Mix)
2. Stone Fox Chase
3. Thanks to You (with Tracy Hamlin)
4. Nobody
5. Searchin (DJ Spen Mix)
6. Stranger
7. Because I Love You (featuring Typheni)
8. Thru the Fire (Daniel 3:1-30)
9. The Definition of Transition
10. Transition
11. I Know (featuring Natasha Watts)
12. Yes (Spen & Karizma Mix)
13. Don’t Be Afraid (featuring Gary Hudgins)
14. He’s a Friend (Jose Burgos featuring Kenny Bobien)
15. It’s About That Time (featuring LeRoyal)

Available at all digital stores:

  • Traxsource
  • Amazon
  • iTunes
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    All The Essential Spinna Jointz!! !! including “The Power (DJ Spinna Acid Row Mix)”

    Check all the essential Spinna Jointz at BBE here!

    Few if any producers have managed to make the transition between hip-hop and house as successfully as Vincent Williams, a.k.a. DJ Spinna. But until now his hip-hop career has been better documented. Here, for the first time, is a collection of the cream of Spinna’s house remixes, a collection likely to win a place in the homes of anyone who loves their house music with a deep and soulful twist. Brooklyn-born Spinna absorbed all the influences that were available to a young man growing up in 1980s New York, from the Caribbean and Latin vibes found in his own home (his father’s record collection a major stimulus), through the block-rocking beats that were being dropped by the nascent hip-hop scene at neighbourhood parties, to the soul and disco being spun by Frankie Crocker and Shep Pettibone on the radio, and by Larry Levan at The Paradise Garage where Spinna became a punter.
    Spinna took this rich musical heritage and ran with it, learning to DJ and quickly gaining a rep for himself on the hip-hop scene of the latter-half of the ‘90s, a reputation cemented by a string of classic studio productions as part of The Jigmastas. When the hip-hop scene split so radically between its commercial and underground wings towards the end of the decade, Spinna, a hero of the underground, found himself frustrated by its inherent insularity. ‘I didn’t want to be playing to the same two-dozen guys every night’ he says.
    Disco and soul had always been part of his repertoire as a party DJ though, and as he became disenchanted with the smallness of the underground hip-hop scene, he found himself drawn increasingly to their contemporary manifestation, house music.
    Sure enough, Spinna almost immediately found a wide audience for his dance productions, hitting paydirt with his remixes for UK singer Shaun Escoffery, achieving cult success in New York with Space Rider and true worldwide anthem status with Days Like This –one of the biggest tunes of the past ten years or so for the soulful house cognoscenti. Both are included here, along with his remixes of stellar contemporaries like Kerri Chandler, Karizma and Louie Vega, ‘live’ artists including Raul Midon, Bah Samba, saxophonist Jimmy Sommers with Rahsaan Patterson, Fertile Ground and Tortured Soul, and a slew of up and coming dance producers.
    One listen should make abundantly clear why many of the world’s premiere DJs have known to head straight for ‘the Spinna mix’ for a decade now.

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