About Karizma

About Karizma

Real name / Kris Klayton

Moniker(s) / Kohesive, Kris Klayton, DJ Karizma, Kaytronik

Baltimore’s own house don, in the form of Kohesive recordings main man Karizma.
Karizma’s musical career started with him djing at age 13, doing various fashion shows and college parties. He landed a radio show on Baltimore’s college radio station WEAA, playing hip hop and at the same time was playing at various clubs around the city showing an obvious love for house music. Around this time he would often bump into DJ Spen and bug him for advice. As fate would have it Spen and Karizma would work together at radio station V103. This prompted the two to work together on Spen’s 1st Jasper street company album project. Karizma contributed the song E.B.W.2.R.T.W (Everybody wants 2 rule the world) and did drum programming on the track “Temptation”.

After this Spen & Karizma worked on Kim English’s “Tommorrow”, Mary J Blige’s “Beautiful”, Kenny Bobien’s “Let me show you” and SuSu Bobien’s “Thank you”… the rest is history. Spen and Karizma (now with Basement Boys productions), went on to remix Everything but the Girl, Amira, Lenny Kravitz, Ann Nesby, Ron Carroll, Roy Ayers, Boris Dlugosh, Bob Sinclar, Kathy Brown, Jocelyn Brown and Ministers de la Funk to name a few. It was in these remixes Karizma developed the “deepah dubs” and “deepah ones” moniker for his rendition of the remixes.

Flashing forward… after a healthy career of remixes and productions, Karizma struck out on his own a formed Kohesive Productions. His first production “Samma Ganni” was released on Basement boys imprint “Elphunk”. His remixes, redits and productions are heard weekly at the “Sky Lounge” bar on Thursdays, his residency in Baltimore. Many of his productions have championed the likes of Louie Vega, Simon Dunmore, Dj Spinna, Marques Wyatt, Tony Humphries and many more.

Karizma is also an accomplished international DJ, one of the most innovative on the scene, who is known for destroying the Powerhouse room at the legendary Southport Weekender in 2006, and the rest is indeed history….