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November 25, 2014
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Real name / Kris Klayton

Moniker(s) / Kohesive, Kris Klayton, DJ Karizma, Kaytronik

Baltimore’s own house don, in the form of Kohesive recordings main man Karizma.
Karizma’s musical career started with him djing at age 13, doing various fashion shows and college parties. He landed a radio show on Baltimore’s college radio station WEAA, playing hip hop and at the same time was playing at various clubs around the city showing an obvious love for house music. Around this time he would often bump into DJ Spen and bug him for advice. As fate would have it Spen and Karizma would work together at radio station V103. This prompted the two to work together on Spen’s 1st Jasper street company album project. Karizma contributed the song E.B.W.2.R.T.W (Everybody wants 2 rule the world) and did drum programming on the track “Temptation”.

After this Spen & Karizma worked on Kim English’s “Tommorrow”, Mary J Blige’s “Beautiful”, Kenny Bobien’s “Let me show you” and SuSu Bobien’s “Thank you”… the rest is history. Spen and Karizma (now with Basement Boys productions), went on to remix Everything but the Girl, Amira, Lenny Kravitz, Ann Nesby, Ron Carroll, Roy Ayers, Boris Dlugosh, Bob Sinclar, Kathy Brown, Jocelyn Brown and Ministers de la Funk to name a few. It was in these remixes Karizma developed the “deepah dubs” and “deepah ones” moniker for his rendition of the remixes.

After a healthy career of remixes and productions, Karizma struck out on his own a formed Kohesive Productions. His first production “Samma Ganni” was released on Basement boys imprint “Elphunk”. Karizma has made his first big appearance destroying the Powerhouse at the legendary Southport Weekender in 2006. In the following year in 2007 in March after Karizma’s solo album, “a mind of its own” was released, Karizma toured around the globe and Karizma was voted as Best DJ’s of 2007 in the XLR8R magazine. Karizma’s mastered skills on the Pioneer CDJ and DJM were acknowledged and was sponsored by Puma Japan in 2007 and Pioneer DJ Japan in 2010. In 2010, Karizma was nominated as the “Best Hometown Hero” on his home town, Baltimore city newspaper for his solo career progression traveling around the globe covering all continents visiting 34+ countries.

In 2013, after 4 years from the previous album, “Wall of Sound”, was released on R2 Records; it ranked in top 1 immediately, and kept its top 10 status in the following 6 months making a record at Traxsource to this date.

In 2014, Karizma has spent a few good months working  on his collaboration projects with Osunlade, Atjazz and Deetron to name a few, and his live dj performances and remixes have been quite successful. Karizma’s DJ performance as a former Basement Boys during Jasper St. Co. reunion live show for the Southport Weekender 50 and Camelot also made fresh news in the industry as well. Karizma has always been an innovative leader in the scene, just being true to himself following the sounds that fall into his systems. You can expect to hear new sounds of Karizma as well as Kaytronik in 2015!

Basement BoysクルーとしてDJ Spenと共に、長きにわたり活躍し、ハウスのヒット曲を量産してきたKARIZMA。ハウス、テクノ、ジャズ、ラテン、アフロ、ブロークンビーツ、様々な音楽を取り入れ、別次元へと昇華させ、来日の度にファンを圧倒し熱狂させてきた新時代のトップランカーで有名だ。個人名義でもメジャー、インディーの壁を乗り越えて幅広くリミックスワークやプロデュースを手掛け、名曲「Twyst This」がGilles Petersonの英国人気ラジオプログラム“The World Wide”にて紹介されると、正規リリース前にも関わらず“The World Wide”の年間ベストシングルの14位にチャートイン。

そして、個人名義では初のアルバム「a mind of its own」をリリースし、テックでありながらソウルフルでファンキーな彼の音楽はDerrick Mayを始め、Gilles Peterson、Ben Westbeach、Bugz in the atticなどのジャズ/ウェストロンドン勢からTimmy Regisford、Quentin Harris、Louie Vega、DJ Spinna、Tony Humphries、Dennis Ferreなどハウス界のレジェンド、ホープそしてオーディエンスが絶賛し世界中から注目を集めた。2013年に発表し4年振りの新アルバムとなった「Wall of Sound」はリリース後すぐにトップ1ランクイン。その後、半年の間トップ10の地位を守り、新たな記録を残した。最近では、あのOsunlade、AtjazzやDeetronとのコラボプロジェクトやBasement Boysのフォーマーメンバーとして、あの Jasper St Co. とのリユニオンライブショーをこなし話題となっている。常にシーンでホットなアーチストと新しい動きを生み出しているシーンでかけがえのないリーダーとして成長した一人だ。2015年にはKaytronik名義でのアルバムをリリース予定。今までに無い新たなKarizma/Kaytronikサウンドをエンジョイしていただきたい。

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