About Karizma aka Kaytronik (Kris Klayton)



  • 2015 “Maryland Master”
    (Maryland State Arts Council’s Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Program for Baltimore Club Music – song craft and performance technique)
  • 2014 – “Pete Tong’s Hall of Fame”
    (BBC Radio 1)
  • 2010 – “Best Hometown Hero”
    (Baltimore city newspaper)
  • 2007 – “Best DJ’s of 2007”
    (XLR8R magazine)


  • 2016 – KAYTRONIK “Thee Album” APAC TOUR ’16 Supported by Pioneer DJ
  • 2010 – PIONEER DJ presents KARIZMA
    JAPAN TOUR ‘10
  • 2007 – PUMA STORE presents KARIZMA
    JAPAN TOUR ‘07

Who is Karizma?

Karizma Real Name: Kris Klayton is an award winning International DJ and electronic music producer/artist from Baltimore, MD, USA, known for his wide genre of music production in deep house, deep techno, hip hop, jazz and broken beats, and his ability to master Pioneer Corporation’s CDJ-2000 and DJM 2000 being sponsored by Pioneer Pro DJ Japan in 2010. Karizma also toured the APAC Region in May 2016 in celebration of his first album as Kaytronik supported by Pioneer DJ showcasing their new and ultimate products of CDJ 2000 NXS2 and DJM 900 NDX2.

Karizma(カリズマ、本名:クリス・クレイトン(Kris Klayton))は、幾つかの受賞歴を持ち、国際的に活躍している、ダンスミュージックアーティスト、音楽プロデューサー、そして、DJであり、ハウス、テクノ、ヒップホップ、ジャズ、ラテン、アフロ、ブロークン・ビーツなど、あらゆるジャンルを横断するプレイ・スタイル、そして、パイオニアメーカーのDJミキサーを駆使した旗手として知られ、2010年にはPioneer Pro DJからジャパン・ツアーのスポンサーを受理した経歴がある。また、2016年5月にはKaytronik Thee Album APAC Tour 2016 Supported by Pioneer DJと題し、Kaytronik名義での初アルバムのプロモーションと、Pioneer DJの最新にして究極のマルチプレイヤー、CDJ-2000NXS2とDJ ミキサー、DJM-900NXS2のリリースを記念して開催された。

Press Kit

Digital Press Kit available for Download:


Events & Projects

Karizma has been very active in events and projects worldwide especially since his solo career started in 2006. He has appeared for In Store DJ Shows at BM SOHO in London and Puma store in Tokyo, Japan to name a few. He has also appeared in online streaming radio shows such as Boiler Room in London as well as Dommune in Tokyo, Japan.


Karizma is known as a great remixer. When Karizma touches on a track, he adds in his own unique style making it sound different from the original, and yet deeper and remarkable. Karizma contributed for artists such as DJ Spen, Osunalde, Atjazz, Deetron, DJ Spinna, Blaq Soul, Sy Sez, Dennis Ferrer etc., as well as turning classics into modern dance fever.

Music Production

Karizma worked on music production projects for Jasper Street Company and the Basement Boys. Karizma started his solo career in 2006 with “a mind of its own” release on R2 Records. In 2012, Karizma released “Karizma Collection 1999-2012“, 500 copy limited editions including his classic songs, “Twysted” and “Power”, individually hand sprayed each of the album sleeves. In 2013, Karizma’s third solo album, “Karizma Wall of Sound” released featuring collaborations with Osunlade (Yoruba Records), and was immediately ranked in as Top 1, and kept its Top 10 status for the following 6 months making another record in sale. In 2015, Karizma has started releasing a series of “Beats & Bobs” from R2 Records receiving amazing feedback by awarded producer such as Louie Vega. In 2016 March, Karizma as Kaytronik released his first full length album, “Thee Album” on R2 Records.


Karizma began to DJ for fashion shows and college parties at age of 13 and turned this into a successful profession. Karizma was voted as Best DJ’s of 2007 in the XLR8R magazine. In 2010, Karizma was nominated as the “Best Hometown Hero” on his home town, Baltimore city newspaper for his solo career progression traveling around the globe covering all continents visiting 35+ countries. Karizma’s mastered skills on the Pioneer CDJ and DJM were acknowledged and was sponsored by Puma Japan in 2007 and Pioneer DJ Japan in 2010. Karizma also entered “Pete Tong’s Hall of Fame” on BBC Radio 1 in 2014. Karizma was also awarded as the “Maryland Master” in 2015 from the Maryland State Arts Council’s Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Program for Baltimore Club Music – song craft and performance technique. In Oct 2015, Karizma was also featured on the New Yorker magazine honoring his effort keeping in touch with his Baltimore roots. In 2016 May, in celebration of Karizma’s new full length album “Thee Album”, KAYTRONIK will tour APAC Region in support of Pioneer DJ’s new two flagship models,CDJ-2000NXS2 and DJM-900NXS2.



RA: The art of DJing: Karizma

Kaytronik "Thee Album" Official Website


From the Kaytronik "Thee Album" APAC Tour 2016 Supported by Pioneer DJ

Beats & Bobs Series

Beats & Bobs Vol. 6 - Hugo LX snippet sampler

Artist: Hugo LX
Title: Beats & Bobs Vol.6
Label: R2 Records
Genre: House / Deep House
Release Date 1/7/16

Karizma’s series of raw beats and basement edits is back with a new addition to the Beats & Bobs family.

Having worked in the Hip-Hop field for years, (including collaborations with Large Professor and Diamon D) Hugo LX has returned to his deep house roots guided by Parisian house activist Nick V.

Hugo released his “Low Altitude” 12” on Chez Damier’s Courtesy Of Balance label earlier this year and now we’re very happy to announce he’s provided two incredible deep house tracks for R2.

“Yūgen (Part.1 First Days)” bounces with fresh and crisp beats while the baseline grounds it firmly in deep territory, sounding like early Karizma and Roy Davis Jr’s future baby. “Ascent (The Fifth)” has got that irresistible groove thing going, deep and lovely.


1. Yūgen (Part.1 First Days)
2. Ascent (The Fifth)

Read amazing review at Renight.com

Released by:
R2 Records
Release date:
1 July 2016

Available NOW

Beats & Bobs Vol.5 - Atjazz Edition

Karizma’s “Beats & Bobs” series of raw beats and basement edits continues with the first guest appearance from the UK’s one and only Atjazz.

Atjazz needs no introduction having provided us with exceptional productions since the mid nineties, this time flipping two jazz classics into modern dance floor killers.


1. Enchantment
2. Nebulosa

Karizma Beats & Bobs Record Store Day Edition

Karizma’s “Beats & Bobs” series of raw beats and basement edits continues with a vinyl only edition for Record Store Day 2015.

First up Karizma reworks “Nuffin Else” into a soulful, melodic and heartfelt House cut, transporting you to a beautifully emotive place and time. Just kick back and let the feeling cloak you in the glow.

On the flip Karizma gets back to the dirt, running a rude boy groove that builds and recedes, teasing the dance floor into delirium. Straight heat!

These tracks will only be available on this 10”. Limited to 500.



Melodic and heartfelt, with lush pianos and life-affirming male vocals ‘Nuffin Else’ is set to be a soulful house classic. Read mix mag’s excellent review here.


The third installment of Karizma’s “Beats & Bobs” series of raw beats and basement edits continues with a special free edition!!!

Beats & Bobs Vol. FR33 is a gift to his fans and supporters on his birthday and contains 3 more heavy hitters to keep any dance floor shaking.

“Kno Honey” is a straight up pulsating electronic exploration of nasty groove weaving layers of sonics through the clicks, booms and snaps of a signature Karizma beat.

“La La Break” takes a familiar melodious vocal refrain and laces it with a teasing rugged percussive thump – the sweet and the heat in perfect balance.

Finally, “The Jerk” sees Karizma return to soulful jazzy club stomper territory with this devastating Hammond work-out over the customary irresistible Karizma house groove.


Released 28 March 2015

Produced by Karizma


Karizma presents Beats & Bobs Vol.2

Karizma’s “Beats & Bobs” series of raw beats and basement edits continues with 2 more killah kuts from the Karizma vaults.

“Klearkut” has the trademark steady yet infectious build up of groove that Karizma works so well, overlaid with multi-textured percussive and melodic stabs and flows. Part house, electronic, afro, tech – it’s essentially impossible to categorize.

“Earth These Beats”
sees Karizma return to beat-workout-tool territory with this 10 minute exploration of the many ways to flip a beat. Hypnotic bliss.

Available at all good digital platforms from 27th October 2014.

Get your copy Today!

Karizma presents Beats & Bobs Vol.1

“Beats & Bobs” is a new series of raw beats and basement edits from the Karizma vaults. Road tested and used to destroy the world’s dance floors by Karizma as exclusives, he’s finally ready to set them free for all those that have asked, “where can I get that???”

Volume 1 kicks off the series with “Bounce B*” an explosive bouncing groove built to dispel all negative forces and ill vibes.

“Tech This Out” (Kaytronik Dub) sees Karizma revisit this classic to provide a teched out dub workout – to devastating effect.

Finally, “K to the P” has Karizma delving into the Hip-Hop Mash-Up crate to round off Vol.1 nicely. Get your copy today!

Soundcloud @Kaytronik


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DJs, Dancers and even Fashion Models all lovin "WORK IT OUT" all around the Globe!!!

Gary Wallace

Terry Hunter Worked It Out! #ChosenFew2017 Kris Klayton Darryl Dayson

Lumberjacks in Hell

HUNEE last weekend at The Great Baltic Warehouse rinsing Karizma’s Work It Out!!! W-w Work It Out, Work It out! And round and round!!! Thanks for the Video @Phill Carse https://www.traxsource.com/track/4282077/work-it-out-original-mix

Lumberjacks in Hell

IN-SA-NE!!! Cervo just send me this video his girl friend took of Jamie xx playing Karizma’s – Work It Out at Primavera Sound 2017 to a crowd of what looks like a zillion people… have you read about those ripples in the room-time continuum black holes make when they melt together and burn the energy of a million suns?

Baltic Weekender

There’s been a lot of debate over what the song of the weekend was.. judging by the amount of times we heard this one by Karizma I think he may have the jackpot!

The Martinez Bros b2b Kenlou @ IMS Dalt Vila 2017

The Martinez Brothers B2B Masters At Work including Karizma’s Work It Out around min 18…. Oooooh yeah!

Lumberjacks in Hell

and here is a video by Miroz Dondini showing Eddie C rockig Karizma’s Work It Out at Sunset, Stafford Lake 2017….

Lumberjacks in Hell

Motor City Drum Ensemble yesterday at Just Jack – All Day Partaaay …. well. you know the tune…. hey Karizma!!!<3

Lumberjacks in Hell

And here is a video of Psychemagik dropping Karizma’s – Work It Out at Alfresco Festival last night… thanks Michael Prestage for sending !!! Traxsource: https://www.traxsource.com/title/782986/the-deadpool-ep Juno Records: http://de.juno.co.uk/products/karizma-marcel-vogel-the-deadpool-ep/626606-01/

Work It Out (Original Mix) – Karizma

Check it out on Traxsource – Currently being charted by: Groove Assassin, Richard Earnshaw, Blacksoul, Kenny Dope, Illyus & Barrientos, Kiko Navarro, Reelsoul, Anhanguera, City Soul Project, Ron Carroll

Zernell Gillie

Zernell Gillie posted a video to his Timeline.

Dancers LOVE Karizma! + Karizma LOVES Dancers!

We appreciate dancers all around the globe vibing off to the Karizma and Kaytronik beats!

Please @Kaytronik and/or Hashtag #Karizma #Kaytronik so that we can share on our Website and SNS! Thanks!

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